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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

It takes just about 8 minutes to break a sweat. Last night, most of the ride was spent in the state of 'just about to break a sweat.' I could feel it over most of my skin. I couldn't tell whether it was all those square inches of surface area with perspiration just below the surface, gathering its collective pressure forces to break out, or was it the first gentle layer of sweat, already outside the skin but not yet part of somethign flowing? Ah, sweat poetry :-)
LIstened to the forecast and drove today. (didn't get rained on last night, btw) Had second thoughts when the forecasters waxed ominous. Might have been better to brave the elements in the mornign on the bike but to have the car in the garage if the wind got too strong. However, C-U is following the typical pattern and the nasty stuff is just to the east. TOmorrow it'll be time for the layers, though :)

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