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Friday, November 04, 2005

Another midwestern experience.

I pull up to the traffic light on Country Fair and coast a few feet further than I should, to the right of a car who's going to turn right. So I assume my "definitely waiting for you to go first" pose (feet off pedals), and then realize that now at least two cars with their signals going are in that lane. (Usually-always this light's green and almost never do I get *two* cars before the green.) Argh. Here I am in a non-lane, right of the right turners with intention to go straight. Yea, that's me, the model commuter.
So the light changes and the voice through the open window says, "Do you want to go ahead?"
"Sure. Thanks."
End of problem.
( I was riding The Big Schwinn with the big baskets.)

Positioning, Sue.

But you probably already know that.
Yea, I do, but it's a good article :)

It wasn't a right turn lane, at least... and oh, if I hadn't just switched to the black bike and its coaster brakes, I'd have been just like in those motorcycle days, properly placed in line.
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