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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Whew! Seems the toughest part is remembering how to get to where to post, now that it's 'time' to get a-blogging.

Thanks Fritz for the comment - and I'm looking forward to knowing some of your routes.

Yesterday the lights on Country Fair were not automatically going to "walk" so the usually lovely long green couldn't be counted on. While I've always wondered about the logic of the lights going to "walk" when pedestrians are so rare, I've loved knowing if 'walk' was still blinking that I had at least 18 seconds of the "don't walk" as a solid before the yellow. I'm anxiously awaiting finding out their current status on the commute home. Such excitement!!!

Got hokey spokes installed - they *are* cool. We'll see if they last. It's been two weeks so far adn they're still flamboyant. Picture to follow...

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