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Thursday, October 27, 2005

Ah, sweet relief. The traffic lights were doing the "walk" thing automatically on the trip out and the trip back. So sorry, all you folks trying to get to or from the Interstate who get to wait a good 45 seconds, at least, between greens.

Lesson for the day, O White Sox and others: Intersections are Not Bases to be Stolen.

Cruising for efficiency somewhere between First St. and Prospect, I coasted up to an intersection where the light to my right waxed yellow, and then started accelerating through like a skilled baserunner, anticipating the "pitch" of greenness from perpendicular to in-my-face... except, dear hearts, that the other side got a green left turn arrow. (Prob'ly it was Randolph, so there wouldn't *be* a left-turn option going West.)


Grateful to the nice fellow in the truck who *didn't* give me the finger or even scowl, who clearly had the right-of-way over this red-light-running creature (me). Not sure I held him up even for a second, so I guess I'd have made it "to second" but I will heretofore regard such anticipation as an evil temptation, and try to be as gracious to the next person who slows me down with their clever efficiency tactics.

I hate it when I do something stupid like that :-)

I found a "Bike to Work" video and it happens to have been filmed in Urbana. It's six minutes of footage of golf courses and a little bit of the UIUC campus.

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